Our goal is to make all SEO companies – including our own – redundant.

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New: FPS – Web Core Vitals Optimized WordPress Theme

We worked long. We worked hard. Not it’s ready. The fastest ready to use WordPress Theme ever. With a hardcore web core vitals focus so you are ready to the coming Google changes.

No bullshit SEO

SEO is the business of getting found, and SEO is still the most efficent way to get targeted traffic to ones webproperty in a scaleable way. Sadly SEO has one big issue: It’s 80% bullshit, and only 20% good parts. We focus on the 20%! Our approach is quite simple: Only do what you can measure, if you can’t measure it, don’t do it. (And no, stupid magic numbers by overprized “SEO Tools” don’t count.) See some of our customers who are with us in the quest for a bullshit free world.

Everything now Web Performance

Websites start out fast, and then they get slower. Every feature release, every database change, every design update, every additional traffic tends to make your website slower and slower. This is not how it needs to be, this is not how it should be. We provide an approach, processes and actionables to change this for good.

Awesome Workshops

Better, faster and inhouse! Critical business activities like SEO and Web Performance must be inhouse? We agree and we will do everything that you succeed – without external dependencies. We offer workshops for developers, marketeers, CEOs and content-workers. Best all of them in one room!

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