New SEO Workshops 2021

max 12 attendees per workshop | max 2 per company

  • Workshops 2021 coming soon.

Note: We also offer custom, multi-day Inhouse SEO Workshops for companies (from start-up to international media conglomerate and beyond). Contact team(at)

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Goals and Agenda

Everybody loves to hate SEO. Whenever a thinking human beeing hears about PageRank, LinkJuice, Panda, Penguin or stuff like that, their “bullsh*t” detector kicks in big time. And this with very good reason. 80% of SEO is just this, b*llshit. Nonetheless SEO is one of the major business activities of successful internet companies.

Content creators seo workshop (1 day)

You are a bloggerjournalisteditor or “content responsible person”? This workshop is for you! For 1 day we will take you from “keywords” (a horrible, stupid concept) to strategic and prioritized search demand targeting! SEO is neither as shitty as you think, nor as hard! It’s all about supply (what you do) and demand (what the users search)!

This workshop will use
WordPress as an underlying CMS example. But if you use another CMS you can also profit. We will talk a lot about users and search intent, we will not talk a lot about technology, but you should know what an H1 is, and should have already worked with a CMS.

The workshop will be held in german.

SEO and traffic workshop for project managers (1 day)

You make websites? And with make I mean you (mostly) tell other people what to do? You are a project manager, website manager, product manager, CEO, C-something, start-up guy/girl for everything, the big picture, “unspecified role but more or less yes”? You don’t need to know the details, but you need to know the rules, the system and what numbers to watch? Let’s do this! This is your kind of workshop!

In this workshop we will not talk only about SEO! We will talk about traffic, traffic growth and traffic development! We will work out what traffic strategy makes sense for you, the upsides, downsides of different strategies and different traffic sources. We will specify how retention, newsletter, social media, direct visits, offline marketing, brand building work together! How top set-up SEO within your company! How to solve social media! And most importantly: what numbers to watch and how to deliver feedback where it belongs!

The workshop will be held in german.

SEO workshop for developers (2 days)

2 or more years experience in creation websites/webapps? Check! You know what HTTP headers are and what they do? Sentences like ” … after an onscroll, ontouch or onfocus event trigger some javascript behaviour that lazy loads the thumbnails …” do not confuse you? Check! You hate bullshi*t? Check! Visit this workshop! It will be worth your and my time!

Due to feedback from the developer workshops in the past this is now a 2 day event. These are the goals of the dev workshop:

  • understand SEO
  • detect SEO-Bullsh*t
  • from now on, you will make right decisions for your site
  • and you will know what to do next

And there are good parts in SEO! This workshop focuses on 20% “SEO, the good parts”. In detail we will talk about:

  • What SEO is
  • What SEO isn’t
  • Systematic SEO
  • SEO Platform
  • SEO Processes
  • Landing Page Rules
  • Landing Page Creation Logic
  • URL Rules
  • Distribution
  • Web Performance
  • Mobile SEO
  • SEO Controlling
  • SEO Tools (use Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics, ignore every other SEO “Tool”)

And wherever we take the workshop.


Hi, my name is Franz Enzenhofer, known as FranzSEO, SEOFranz (i don’t like these two names…). I’m the masterchief of a.k.a. full stack optimization. I’m best known and loved for the work i did with 123people, karriere.atwogibtswaslots of others. In the last week you will have probably visited a website i already optimized. (Looking for jobs, i’m there, looking for news, i’m there, looking for weather, i’m there, looking for sports, i’m there, looking for politics, i’m there, looking for an address, i’m there waiting and measuring …). Besides that i’m also the org of viennajs, but that is just for fun. I have two aweseome kids, I will never marry and I live in the internets. You can read about stuff i said here and there.

I love the internet!

Social Proof

What other people say about Franz Enzenhofer

  • “If you have the opportunity to work with him, just do it!”
    Markus Wagner, VC, i5invest
  • “Listening to @enzenhofer speaking about SEO at @sektorfuenf. Easily one of the best in Europe.”
    Andreas Klinger, CTO producthunt/
  • “Franz is an extremely skilled SEO Manager, both on from a communicational and technical perspective. Probably one of the best SEOs out there. Highly recommended”
    Lukas Zinnagl – Co-Founder
  • “His SEO workshop is better than anything i have ever experienced! An awesome experience that has changed the way i think about the internet!”
    Anonymous – Unverified Source (but I’m sure someone said it)
  • “Danke für den Tritt in den Arsch”
    Anonymous, COO of one of the biggest online sport retailers


Please check the “goals and agenda” section for the requirements of the different workshops! Additional:

  • It’s a workshop, not a presentation.
  • The workshop is limited to max 12 attendees. There will be a max of 2 attendees per company, we want a diverse group.
  • The spoken workshop language is german, the workshop documents, papers, slides will be mostly in english.
  • The workshops are b.o.y.l. – bring your own laptop. It’s absolutely necessary. The workshop language is german. English workshops TBA.
  • You need access to Google Search Console of one (i.e. yours or your companies) website.
  • For the “content creators” workshop you need access to Google Keywords Planner. It’s a free tool but you need to register!
  • NO DAILY BUSINESS! If your servers burn, let them burn! If your investors want you to participate in a sacred rain dance, let them dance without you! It’s a workshop, you will work – with us! If you physically attend the workshop but constantly do something else, then I will throw you out! I will throw you out and keep your money! The only workshops that fail are the workshops where the attendes do not participate, and “one bad apple spoils the whole bunch”.


775 EUR + VAT for the two day workshop. 475 EUR + VAT for single day workshops. There is no voucher code and there won’t be one.

Money back guarantee

If you state after the workshop:

  • that you care less about SEO now – and
  • that you learned nothing new – and
  • that your understanding of SEO has not been improved – and
  • that you have the feeling that you have wasted your time

then i will not take your money! I will even invite you for lunch that we can talk about why i failed you.
Note: that’s a logic “and” (think &&, not an ||)



A fancy conference hotel at the center of vienna. Details TBA.

The workshop will be held in german. Includes meals, snacks and drinks.

General timetable of a workshop day

08:45 – 09:00Welcome (Coffee)
09:00 – 11:00Work
11:00 – 11:10Break
11:10 – 13:00Hard work
13:00 – 14:00Lunch (on us) / vegan / awesome
14:00 – 15:45Even harder work
15:45 – 16:00Break
16:00 – 18:00Unbelievable hard work
18:00 – Open EndNetworking Beer (on us)
(For the 2 day workshop, this will only happen on the second day!)


We would need a link to your Github, Twitter, Xing or LinkedIn to verify that you fit the intended audience. We will send you payment details and further updates via mail. As every workshop is limited to just 12 attendees filling out the form does not guarantee that you will be in. Only the confirmation email is a guarantee for that. We reserve the right to refuse any registration.