We offer in-house SEO – Search Engine Optimization – Workshops for Teams. These workshops are either cross-department (All-In Workshops) or specifically target one of these areas:

  • Development / IT
  • Product
  • Content
  • Marketing

In general the workshops can be divided in two categories:

  • Business Goal Oriented Workshops
  • SEO Training

Business Goal Oriented SEO Workshops

The goal of the workshop is to outline a strategy, tasks and processes to reach an agree upon hard business goal i.e.:

  • 100% organic traffic growth until end of year.
  • Conversion from organic search traffic up 25%.
  • Stopping the downwards trend after the relaunch.
  • Making sure there is a positive traffic development after the relaunch instead of traffic loss.
  • Reducing the dependency on paid traffic in the next 2 quarters.
  • Establishing content marketing as a major traffic channel.
  • Specifying up a webplattform that enables scaleable SEO.
  • Setting up to organisation to bring SEO inhouse.

Business Goal Oriented SEO Workshops require a major analysis phase which we conduct based on:

  • SEO SWOT analysis current live website
  • Onpage, onsite, webperformance analysis of the website
  • Traffic distribution
  • Offpage, CTR and SEO brand analysis.
  • Content best practice analysis.
  • Google Search Console access
  • Google Analytics and other statics tools
  • Optional CMS access.
  • Briefing about the current state (done tasks, existing processes) of the webproperty.
  • Optional question list by the client.
  • Kick off call / session.

The goal of such a SEO workshop is always:

  • A live specified list of SEO tasks and SEO processes.
  • Prioritization of these tasks and processes.
  • Commitment to the team(s) to the tasks, processes and overall SEO strategy.
  • Established and measurable SEO KPIs.

Business goal oriented workshops are most of the time cross-department, but might also be just in one or two areas of the company (i.e. dev and content, or content and marketing, …). Most of the All-In Workshops are 2 day workshops, only in some cases (founder lead startups in the starting phase, freshly or pre-launch WordPress websites, …) can be done in one day. Client list.

For 100% only dev-topics workshops please see Technical SEO Workshops.

Inhouse SEO Trainings

SEO trainings are for organisations which already have SEO responsibilities set up within their company, and want to establish or deepen SEO knowledge within the organisation. I.e.:

  • How to create content that works for search engines, the business and the users.
  • What to mind when creating a web-property from scratch SEO wise.
  • Technical SEO quality assurance.
  • Becoming a searched brand.
  • Editorial SEO processes best practice.
  • SEO Startup Training
  • SEO Project Management
  • SEO Trainings for Inhouse SEOs
  • Google Search Console Training

Trainings usually targeted just one part / department of the company. Involvement of an overall manger (product manager, project manager, CEO, COO) is beneficial. Trainings usually take 1 day. The goal is knowledge transfer and SEO enthusiasm.

Zoom vs. Face 2 Face

We strongly recommend physical workshops and trainings. An all-in workshop can only succeed when done physical as non-verbal communication and team dynamics get lost in video streams. Single department workshop can in some cases also be done via Zoom. We did inhouse workshops in Germany, Austria, UK, Scotland, Spain, Portugal, India, Poland, Italy, Bulgaria, Sweden, US, Peru, Colombia. In

  • English
  • German

Trainings are also preferred f2f, but can also be done via Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams. Usually a day will then be split up into 2 sessions in one week.


Easy. Send a mail to: team (at) fullstackoptimization (dot) com. Please feel free to check out our client list.

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