Technical SEO Workshops usually takes 2 days. The target audience is junior to senior developers (frontend, backend, fullstack), technical product managers and other members of IT. The agenda depends heavily on the technical stack of the company and the setup and strengths of the development team(s), but usually these topics are on the agenda:

  • SEO Goals & SEO Big Picture
  • SEO Plattform
  • SEO Processes
  • Distribution
    • Google Discovery Queue
    • Sitemap.xml
    • Googlebot Crawling
      • robots.txt
      • redirects
        • 301 / 302
      • canonical
      • rel-alternate-hreflang
    • Googlebot Rendering
    • Indexing
      • Noindex
      • Nofollow
      • other meta robots information
    • Delivery
    • Real Time Distribution Strategies (Update.rss / Google Ping)
    • Google News
  • Webperformance / Core Web Vitals
    • Server Side Speed / Average Response Time
      • Caching
      • Cache Pre Warming
    • First Contentful Paint
    • Speed Index
    • Largest Contentful Paint
    • Time to Interactive
    • Total Blocking Time
    • Cumulative Layout Shift
    • Field Data vs. Lab Data
    • Speed Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Server Side Rendering
  • Client Side Rendering / Googlebot & JavaScript
    • React / Next.js
    • Angular
    • Vue.js, …
    • Progressive Enhancement
    • Hydration
  • HTML Markup Best Practices
  • Structured Data /
  • Google Mobile First / Mobile Friendly Test
  • Search User Experience KPIs
  • Targeted Pages
    • Targeted Detail Pages
    • Targeted List Pages
  • Onpage Targeting Elements
    • SEO / Meta Title
    • Meta Description
    • URL Rules
    • Headline 1
  • Onpage Content Diversity
    • Paragraph of text
    • Images
    • Infographics
    • Definition Lists
    • Bulletpoints
    • Video
  • Onsite
    • Interlinking
    • Internal Duplicate Content
    • Internal Duplicate Targeting
    • Internal Duplicate Pages
    • Pagination
    • Faceted Search
  • External Duplicate Content Technical Strategies
  • Structured Data
    • Google Subset
    • Rich Snippets
  • Multimarket / Multilanguage
  • Ballast / Dead Weight Management
    • Crawl Budget
    • Error Pages
    • 404 / 410 / 500
    • noindex
  • Technical SEO KPIs
    • Google Search Console
    • (Google) Analytics
  • AMP
  • Google Tools
    • Google Search Console
    • Mobile Friendly Test
    • Structured Data Testing Tool
    • Rich Snippet Test
    • Google News Publisher Center
  • SEO Dev Project Management
  • Quality Assurance

This is not a complete list and the final agenda and focus differs strongly on the goal of the workshop, the business goal, the vertical & market of the organization, the strengths of the developers and the technical stack. Every inhouse dev workshop starts with a 1h to 2h kick off call 2 weeks to 1 month before the actual workshop to get alignment.

The goal is also not to just pile the above mentioned parts of technical SEO onto each other but to establish a systematic understanding of how SEO works and how SEO can work for the organisation. Where existing leverage points are and where leverage points should be built – and how to use them and measure the impact.

systematic seo framework from understanding seo


We are the trainers. Franz Enzenhofer coded since he was a 6 years old (C-64). In 1998 he started doing websites. Learned and coded in JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Java, C, Perl. Knows SQL, HTML, CSS, modern development pipelines and built tools, React, Angular, Vue and other stuff like Flutter. Keen interest into ML and obscure programming languages and built some of its own. In 2004 he did his first technical SEO project for the national Austria Press Agency. Since 2006 he calls himself SEO and started his first company. Since then he only codes for his own projects i.e.: Franz Enzenhofer SEO Live Test (Github) an extendable in browser live testing framework written in React, games (Line Square Dot, Dot Dot Dot, …) and lots of other stuff (Github) including a physics engine for HTML :). Including clever Google Tag Manager hacks. He also lead the Vienna JavaScript Meetup for years until 2017 and lead it from 5 people in a cellar to a monthly mini conference with up to 120+ people. He works as liaison between marketing and IT for various companies, translating requirements and defusing organisational deadlocks. In any process imagineable from waterfall to Scrum, Fake-Scrum, Kanban a.s.o. He can and does go toe-to-toe with CTOs and backend-, frontend-, fullstack-lead-devs. Author of Understanding SEO.

Holger Guggi, does web-performance-optimization since 2011 when he started working together with Franz. On conferences he challenges icons like Steve Sounders and Ilya Grigorik about the details of speed. FPS – Fastes Possible SEO Theme is his baby. He propably is one of the most modest and experienced webperformance optimization specialists of Europe.

Please check out our customers. We are doing workshops all over the globe. Experience with clients from Germany, Austria, US, UK, Australia, Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, India, Poland, Italy, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia, Sweden, Peru, Colombia, and soon hopefully you.


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