Yes, we consult! Our email is team (at) fullstackoptimization (dot) com.

This is what you have to mind when we work together:

  • We work with you.
  • We are an un-agency.
  • We create work with you
  • We create work for you.
  • We make sure the necessary work gets done. Not the easy (sellable) one.
  • We make sure you reach your goals.

Check out our customers. They are awesome.

We offer our services in the areas of

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • Inhouse SEO Workshops and Trainings
  • Scaleable Growth
  • Web Performance Optimization / Web Core Vitals Optimization
  • JTBD – Job to be done
  • Dev-Thinking
  • Marketing <-> Developers Relationship Therapy 🙂

You work with us. Not some juniors.

How to work with us?

Projects with us usually happen like this:

  1. Send us an ✉️ Email: team (at) fullstackoptimization (dot) com
  2. We have a Zoom / Google Meet / video call. Best case we already get access to the Google Search Console and other analytics tools for this call. (We like hard, cold data.)
  3. We send you an offer.
    • We play offer ping-pong with you.
  4. We have a kick-off session.
  5. We deliver whatever we agree upon. Might be in the form of slides, docs, papers, …
  6. We hold a session / workshop. Usually ranges from half a day sessions to a 2 day workshop, a series of workshops or a week long power retreat.
    • Outcome of a workshop is always a prioritised list of tasks and processes with clear understanding, responsibilities and KPIs.
    • Including commitment of the team to these tasks and processes.
  7. Option for a retainer. (Usually not needed, but often wished for by the client).

Our goal is to make ourself redundant. We are damn good in reaching our goals. Your goals.