FPS Theme Page Speed Insights

See what you get: https://demo.fullstackoptimization.com/

FPS is short for “Fastest SEO Theme Possible”. The goal of FPS is:

  • A Real World
  • 🏃‍♂️ Fastest Possible
  • Core Web Vitals targeted
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimized
  • Mobile-First & Single Column
  • Strongly Opinionated
  • Pragmatically Customisable
  • WordPress Theme
  • for Content Marketing and Blog Publishing
  • With an awesome Step-by-Step Manual to set everything up
  • Including preinstalled recommended SEO and speed plugins.

Or to put it another way: Get the technical part of SEO out of the way as perfect and fast as possible, so that you can immediately start to focus on the content and marketing aspect of SEO!

Target Group

The use-case for FPS is

  • Blog
  • Magazine
  • Content Marketing.

Think company blog, think content marketing magazine, think blog.example.com, magazine.yourbrand.com. FPS is currently not intended to be used as a main website and not as a landingpage builder. It uses the WordPress default Gutenberg editor by choice. It supports Woo-Commerce. It is strongly opinionated so it is best used for new projects. Migrating from a previous theme to FPS will probably lead to some changes that you need to look after.


GPL 3 License

The FPS theme is now under the GPL 3 License. Therefore, it comes with no warranty or guarantees of any kind. Users are responsible for installation, updates, and any related potential issues. We disclaim all liability for damages resulting from the use, performance, or non-performance of the software.

Read the install documentation

The FPS theme is heavily optimized and opinionated. To get all the benefits you must adhere to the install docs. Really.