We consulted them one time or the other, in one way or the other. Sometimes just once, sometimes for years. Some webperf, some SEO, sometimes something completely different. Not a complete list. Interested? Contact us.

F19N Customers

What do our customers say?

“I am extremely happy with the SEO project and the outcome of the relaunch. Your handling of the challenging situations was extremely professional. You can use Stiftung Warentest and me as a testemonial – the quality rating: very good!”

Julia Bönisch – Digitale Trans­formation and PublicationStiftung Warentest

“We loved Franz’s workshop. Over two days he completely demystified SEO for us and while the workshop was intense it was extremely engaging at all times. Franz is an absolute expert and he made it really fun! SEO was one of the main weaknesses of our business and we came out of the workshop with a full action plan for all relevant departments to improve our SEO. Since then we have made huge progress and will definitely be using Franz’s service again.”

Anna Banicevic B.A., CEO & CO-Founder at Zizooboats GmbH

“SEO Franz? Passionate about SEO. Willing to share his approach and to spread his knowledge. Sees the big picture and thinks outside the box. Communicates in a clear and direct way. Strong recommendation to work with him if you want to understand and do all facets of SEO.”

Mag. Brigitte Schögler, CMO at Wogibtswas GmbH

“We, at AVINO, had one of the most focused and target-oriented workshops in our business carreer. It was a tough, without breathtaking, fully-packed 2-day SEO session with Franz … The output: brilliant – couldn’t be a better structured strategy for our future online business!”

Univ.Lektor Mag. Dr. Rainer Schuster, Founder of RSIT

“Franz is the best person to go to concerning all SEO topics – quick, reliable and his actions are always based on prooven data. Unlike many other so-called SEO-Experts no SEO-Magic and Hokus-Pokus from his side. Everything action is transparent and reproducible. He has a vast knowledge base and and a very broad perspective. Excellence not only on the technical part but also on the operational/content part. His focus is to implement SEO deeply into an organization´s process to make it standard procedure for every colleague.”

Mag. Christoph Schreiner, Geschäftsführer Niceshops GmbH

“Franz has a very holistic approach towards SEO: content, code, page structure and no bullshit. I appreciate this very much. He is very precise in his analysis and a reliable partner to work with. If you are ready not to compromise about SEO, he is your guy.”

Mag. Bernhard Strilka, eBusiness Manager at ERGO Direkt Lebensversicherung AG

“I have used Franz for all of my projects so far and with every project he has outdone himself. The precision, speed and out of the box thinking has helped us scale our SEO and at the same time he found solutions for problems we faced!”

Nicholas Trieb, COO at TourRadar

“Tremendously helpful in seeding deep understanding for SEO inside the organisation. Provides solutions to any kind of challenge highly professional.”

Mag. Thomas Jöchler, Project Manager at WKO Inhouse GmbH

“After a single – one day – insanely intensive workshop with Franz we quintupled our organic visitors on www.everbill.com during the following year.”

Gerald Aichholzer, Co-Founder at Bluemonkeys GmbH

“Workshops with Franz are intense, but very valuable. He digs up hard information based on data and provides guidance to more traffic and better usage values. Before you spend money on adwords, invest it in a workshop!”

Georg Grawatsch, Online Product Manager at Falstaff Verlag

“Franz consults us since our start-up days. Now we are the market-leader. Search is one of the reasons we are the market-leader.”

MMag. Klaus Hofbauer, Geschäftsführer, CIO at karriere.at Informationsdienstleistung GmbH

“If you have the opportunity to work with him, just do it!”

Markus Wagner, VC

“Fast, smart, creative, cooperative and always very interesting opinions worth listening to.”

KP Frahm, SVP software devision news aktuell

“Franz is doing a great job as an SEO Manager giving recommendation based on sound analysis of data. I highly appreciate his direct way of communicating his priorities”

Stefan Kalteis, CEO payolution & Partner i5invest

“Franz has continuously proven himself as the SEO Expert and has outdone himself with every project he manages. When it comes to SEO – Franz is the only expert you need. He is quick, concise, precise, reliable and offers creative, outside-of-the-box solutions”

Alexander Trieb, CEO travelaudience.com

“Franz is an extremely skilled SEO Manager, both on from a communicational and technical perspective. Probably one of the best SEOs out there. Highly recommended”

Lukas Zinnagl Co-Founder Diagnosia

“Franz is a person who is passionate about SEO and what high rankings and qualitative visibility on search engines can do for the company. He is committed to driving the company forward in a professional way in meetings and by beeing action oriented and focused on getting things done.”

Torbjörn Wallin, SEO

“Franz was extremely flexible and service oriented every time I worked with him. His results were above industry standards, in time and in budget. Especially in the field of SEO (search engine optimisation) he helped us a lot”

Dieter Rappold vi knallgrau

Thx for beeing our customer. You are awesome!



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