I already described how to load 3rd party 💩 dependencies faster user Google Tag Manager in the previous post. Now let’s speed up whenever a user clicks around on your website a.k.a. navigates around a.k.a. secondary pageviews. Again using Google Tag Manager.

1) Go into Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager | Google Developers

Go into Google Tag Manager and select your Workspace.

2) Create a new Custom-Tag “QuickLink Gtag”

quicklink tag manager
  • Name: Quicklink Gtag
  • Tag Type: Custom HTML

3) Add Quicklink Code

Quicklink is a Google Labs project to prefetch pages whenever visible links are in the viewport of a browser window. So whenever a user actually clicks on the link, the HTML of these pages is already available in the browser. It’s implemented in a way to be gentle to the processing power and the network connection of the user.

Copy paste this code 👇 into the tag.

<script src="https://unpkg.com/quicklink"></script>


4) Trigger “QuickLink Gtag”

Either trigger it on all pages.

or even better, much, much better indeed, trigger it on minimal user interaction as outlined in my previous post -> https://www.franz-enzenhofer.com/a/gtag-make-faster

5) Deploy & Done

Click on “Submit”, finish the publish process and you are done. Visit your website. Behold the faster navigation / page load whenever you visit the next page. Oh, it’s also live on the website you are currently on, feel free to click around.

X) Add me on LinkedIn and/or Fb

I will continue posting Google Tag Manager hacks there. I ❤️ Google Tag Manager by now. It’s like root access to a website, without any deployment hassle.