Dev-Thinking is a 1 day workshop for

  • non-technical
  • marketing
  • product
  • content

people who

  • want
  • need
  • must

work together directly with developers, coders, IT.

Working with developers is actually super easy and relaxing. Even though sometimes it seems exactly the other way round: IT prima-donnas, incomprehensible, condescending. And thats the nice words that are used to describe your dev-colleagues.

I am working together with developers for 20+ years, was a developer myself, previous organizer of Austrias biggest developer meetup. In this workshop I will teach you and your team on how to think like a developer, and how to work with them and get out any drama that works against your project. And no, you do not need to know how to program to benefit from this workshop. You will not learn coding, you will learn how to think like a coder.

Even if you do not work directly with developers, you will start to think much more clearly about your own work and why and how you do things.

Agenda Dev Thinking Workshop

Think like a developer

  • Goals
  • Code
    • Programming
    • Tests
    • Refactoring
    • The beauty of beautiful code.
  • Exact vs. fluffy language.
  • Motivation
    • intrinsic
    • extrinsic
  • Dev Bullshit Detector
    • Thinking in probability
    • Uncertainty
    • Dependencies
  • Reasoning
    • Things are that way because they got this way.
    • If problem Nr 1 is solved, Nr 2 gets a promotion.
    • Requirements, Limitations, Outcome
    • Who wants what
    • IS / SHOULD
  • Organization
    • Dev & Marketing
    • Dev & Product
    • Dev & Managment
  • Good meetings vs sh*t meetings
  • Juniors, Midlevel, Senior, 10x – Programmers
  • Feedback to Devs
  • Feedback from Devs

We are planning a workshop series for Q3/2021. If you are interested in a workshop for your team, please mail fe (at) f19n dot com.