Understanding SEO




Franz Enzenhofer



I’m trying to pull a Wittgenstein here, and by that, I mean writing the definitive book on a topic and then declaring the matter solved. Similar to Wittgenstein, I will fail, however while doing so, I will enhance the status quo of an entire discipline: Search Engine Optimization – SEO.



The primary goal of this book is to deliver a framework – that is, a way to think about – SEO. If you have online experience, whether you are a manager, developer, editor, product owner, or hacker, you should be able to read and comprehend this book. You should then be able to use what you have learned to make informed SEO decisions for your business. Be aware this book does not waste space replicating any technical specs (those you can easily google yourself), but it will explain what you need to do, when you need to do it, and why you need to do it. Also, this book is about SEO, organic search engine optimization, and not about SEA, AdWords or PPC.
This book is heavy on theory and light on examples. It is up to you to use your imagination, your experience, and your initiative to combine it all in a way that is suitable for your company.

If you are an SEO manager within an SEO agency, then this book is not for you. You are part of the problem, not part of the solution. This book exists to make you redundant.